1st home study appointment today

I really need to quit typing this post and go make beds, wipe down bathroom sinks, and make sure all my cleaning supplies are put away properly (don't want anyone thinking we aren't safe around here!).

We didn't get to go to church this morning. Lucas has to finish with his MAJOR inspection at work, and Jane has strep. So, the bummer is we didn't get to go to church. The upside is that I have a few unexpected extra hours to get my house in order.

Our wonderful social worker will be here at 3:00. I'm excited to finally meet her - she seems really sweet and came highly recommended by my good friend Stefanie, who used her. I just hope our friendly resident mouse (we'll call him Leonard) doesn't decide to make an appearance while she is here. He showed his face on Thursday morning. I can't seem to kill him - that sucker is fast and he doesn't seem to be interested in my mouse poison. Leonard, please stay hidden this afternoon!!! I will give you a cheese reward if you do!

Since I haven't posted any pictures, which heretofore makes my blog really boring, I thought I would do so today. Here's Jane and Addy, showing me how to floss their teeth. They think they're so grown up now that they "know" how to floss.

I will hopefully post tomorrow about what a successful home study visit we had, and that none of the dead bodies in the basement were discovered. Oops...didn't mean to let that one slip.

PS - I'm KIDDING about the dead bodies. I repeat...I'm KIDDING! There are no dead bodies in my basement. None. None-point-none.

PSS - Why do mice feel, as they wander around my home as uninvited guests, that they have the right to just poop anywhere they please? "Oh, this looks like a nice little space to take a dump...right under this lady's sink. Don't mind if I do." Rude.


Could it be?

...that we've actually made a decision? Why yes, we have!

Ever since last Friday, when we were told the boys were going to another family, we've felt like we were flailing, not knowing which agency we should use and which country we should choose. It was maddening. We had received no clear direction from God as to which way we should go.

Then on Wednesday, I went back to Gladney's site for some odd reason. I had never been attracted to them and their boring green and white site. However, I started nosing around and found their Rwanda program, which piqued my interest. After reading every single word on their site about their Rwanda program, and speaking to three different peeps at Gladney, I was feeling really good about this. Talked to Lucas...he was in!

I filled out Gladney's pre-application (apparently you have to apply to apply with them), and sent it in, along with 50 bucks. The minute I clicked 'Send', Lucas turned on the TV. And what do you think was on the cable's Guide, in big blaring letters?? HOTEL RWANDA! I love it when God does stuff like that.

So, watch out, Rwanda...here come the Jobes.


Moving on

We finally got our answer from Holt yesterday about the boys. It was a "no".

I was sad at first, since we've been looking at their faces for nearly six weeks. But I was very careful to try not to attach myself to them. (aka - I didn't look at their pictures 10 times a day, and obsess over what middle names I would give them...okay, maybe I did that a little.)

But Lucas was very positive when I called him with the news. He's so good like that. We know that God's got our children picked out for us, and we trust that He's been doing some big things while we waited for those boys all these weeks!

We're not sure where we're going as of yet - still researching various African countries, programs and agencies, as well as independent adoption. We are confident God will lead us in the right direction.

In the mean time, we will focus our efforts on finishing our home study (our NON-Hold home study :) ), getting our fingerprints cleared, getting immigration approved and praying, praying, praying....


Thursday, Thursday

That's the big day! This Thurday (the 18th), we'll know for sure if the two brothers in Ethi0pia will be matched with us.

I'm terrified of either answer at this point. If they say no, I'll be so sad to move on from them. And if they say YES, our adoption shenanigans will have officially become real. The reality of adoption can be quite scary, as opposed to the romantic notion of "rescuing a child". Trust me - I've read enough "preparing yourself for adoption" books to scare the snot out of me!

However, if these our the boys that God has handpicked for our family, then I will trust that He knows what He's doin'.


Mama Dollar and Papa Dollar

In case you've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life", that's where the title came from. Just so you're not left wondering. I love that movie. Enough about that...moving on.

Lucas and I have been waffling and delaying regarding the choice of an agency. They boys that we're currently trying to be matched with are on the waiting child list at Holt. One doesn't need to be "in" with Holt in order to be matched with one of their waiting children. Now, if a family matched, that's a different story. You would have to use them for the rest of the adoption process.

While we're waiting for this committee to meet (and wait and wait and wait, week after week after week), there's a whole lot of nuthin' going on in our adoption process. No home study started, no fingerprints being printed...nuthin'. So every week that's delayed is one more week that it tacked on to this whole process. Our original thought was that if we weren't matched with the boys, then we'd move on to another agency. I had a problem with Holt's phat home study fees, and the fact that they made you use their home study peeps, as opposed to getting one done on your own (for a much better price) and then submitting it to them.

However, Holt is an excellent, reputable agency. What's a few thousand extra dollars? Ugh!

Therefore, we have decided to delay no further. We officially put all our eggs in the Holt basket in order get this ball rollin'. We've filled out the "official" application and have sent them our first wad of adoption cash, aka Mama Dollar and Papa Dollar. They are stuck with us till the end.

Mountain of paperwork, here we come!

That's all I have to say about that.

The end.

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Adoption Timeline

  • Since 2007 - thinking, praying, talking about adopting
  • 01.07.10 - Found a pair of brothers in Ethiopia on Holt's waiting child list
  • 01.10.10 - Lucas said "let's get the adoption ball rolling!" Applied with Holt's Waiting Child program
  • 02.01.10 - Spent our first official adoption dollar and applied with Holt
  • 02.02.10 - 02.18.10 - Delay, delay, delay. Wait, wait, wait for Holt to have their committee meeting to choose a family for the brothers.
  • 02.19.10 - A different family was chosen for boys in Ethiopia. We're moving on.
  • 02.25.10 - Applied with Gladney's Rwanda program.
  • 02.28.10 - First home study meeting with our social worker. I hope my house is child-proof enough!
  • 03.01.10 - Applied with Mugisha Ministries to help us with an independent adoption. Received renewed passports in the mail.
  • 03.03.10 - Fingerprinted for state and local backgroud checks.
  • 03.06.10 - Accepted by Mugisha Ministries!
  • 03.10.10 - Mailed I-600a
  • 03.11.10 - Mailed our birth and marriage certificates back to HI and AR for authentication.
  • 03.14.10 - Home study visit #2
  • 03.15.10 - Realized I messed up the fee on my I-600a. Waiting for its return. Started online adoption training.
  • 3.20.10 - Received our Immigration rejection and sent them the rest of our fingerprinting fees.
  • 4.2.10 - Completed home study received in the mail

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