Moving on

We finally got our answer from Holt yesterday about the boys. It was a "no".

I was sad at first, since we've been looking at their faces for nearly six weeks. But I was very careful to try not to attach myself to them. (aka - I didn't look at their pictures 10 times a day, and obsess over what middle names I would give them...okay, maybe I did that a little.)

But Lucas was very positive when I called him with the news. He's so good like that. We know that God's got our children picked out for us, and we trust that He's been doing some big things while we waited for those boys all these weeks!

We're not sure where we're going as of yet - still researching various African countries, programs and agencies, as well as independent adoption. We are confident God will lead us in the right direction.

In the mean time, we will focus our efforts on finishing our home study (our NON-Hold home study :) ), getting our fingerprints cleared, getting immigration approved and praying, praying, praying....

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Adoption Timeline

  • Since 2007 - thinking, praying, talking about adopting
  • 01.07.10 - Found a pair of brothers in Ethiopia on Holt's waiting child list
  • 01.10.10 - Lucas said "let's get the adoption ball rolling!" Applied with Holt's Waiting Child program
  • 02.01.10 - Spent our first official adoption dollar and applied with Holt
  • 02.02.10 - 02.18.10 - Delay, delay, delay. Wait, wait, wait for Holt to have their committee meeting to choose a family for the brothers.
  • 02.19.10 - A different family was chosen for boys in Ethiopia. We're moving on.
  • 02.25.10 - Applied with Gladney's Rwanda program.
  • 02.28.10 - First home study meeting with our social worker. I hope my house is child-proof enough!
  • 03.01.10 - Applied with Mugisha Ministries to help us with an independent adoption. Received renewed passports in the mail.
  • 03.03.10 - Fingerprinted for state and local backgroud checks.
  • 03.06.10 - Accepted by Mugisha Ministries!
  • 03.10.10 - Mailed I-600a
  • 03.11.10 - Mailed our birth and marriage certificates back to HI and AR for authentication.
  • 03.14.10 - Home study visit #2
  • 03.15.10 - Realized I messed up the fee on my I-600a. Waiting for its return. Started online adoption training.
  • 3.20.10 - Received our Immigration rejection and sent them the rest of our fingerprinting fees.
  • 4.2.10 - Completed home study received in the mail

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