Thursday, Thursday

That's the big day! This Thurday (the 18th), we'll know for sure if the two brothers in Ethi0pia will be matched with us.

I'm terrified of either answer at this point. If they say no, I'll be so sad to move on from them. And if they say YES, our adoption shenanigans will have officially become real. The reality of adoption can be quite scary, as opposed to the romantic notion of "rescuing a child". Trust me - I've read enough "preparing yourself for adoption" books to scare the snot out of me!

However, if these our the boys that God has handpicked for our family, then I will trust that He knows what He's doin'.

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Stefanie said...

Can I? Will it let me??

Stefanie said...

I had to hit 'edit' and then 'publish' was the only way. The 'enter' button is hidden on the page where you enter the secrety anti spam word.
P.S. I love you and I love your blog!!!

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Adoption Timeline

  • Since 2007 - thinking, praying, talking about adopting
  • 01.07.10 - Found a pair of brothers in Ethiopia on Holt's waiting child list
  • 01.10.10 - Lucas said "let's get the adoption ball rolling!" Applied with Holt's Waiting Child program
  • 02.01.10 - Spent our first official adoption dollar and applied with Holt
  • 02.02.10 - 02.18.10 - Delay, delay, delay. Wait, wait, wait for Holt to have their committee meeting to choose a family for the brothers.
  • 02.19.10 - A different family was chosen for boys in Ethiopia. We're moving on.
  • 02.25.10 - Applied with Gladney's Rwanda program.
  • 02.28.10 - First home study meeting with our social worker. I hope my house is child-proof enough!
  • 03.01.10 - Applied with Mugisha Ministries to help us with an independent adoption. Received renewed passports in the mail.
  • 03.03.10 - Fingerprinted for state and local backgroud checks.
  • 03.06.10 - Accepted by Mugisha Ministries!
  • 03.10.10 - Mailed I-600a
  • 03.11.10 - Mailed our birth and marriage certificates back to HI and AR for authentication.
  • 03.14.10 - Home study visit #2
  • 03.15.10 - Realized I messed up the fee on my I-600a. Waiting for its return. Started online adoption training.
  • 3.20.10 - Received our Immigration rejection and sent them the rest of our fingerprinting fees.
  • 4.2.10 - Completed home study received in the mail

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