I-600a day!

It's a big day in our household...we finally got to mail our I-600a to Immigration. YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! To those who are unfamiliar with the adoption process, this is the pre-approval from Immigration to adopt a child abroad. And this is one of the things that take the longest to get on the US side of paperwork. The problem is that you can't just stick it in the mail the moment you decide to adopt. You have to know a lot of details in order to fill in the blanks...details that you don't know on day 1. But we're happy to say that we've now got the details now!

I was a sweaty mess at the post office, making sure I filled in every blank correctly, wrote out the check properly, attached the right documents...one little mistake and they send it back and you have start all over. Rude. We'll see if I got it right!

Here are a few more pictures from my girlie trip to Sedona. When you get together with your girlfriends who you haven't seen in a year and a half, you tend to do a whole lot-o-nuthin' except flap your gums.

Here are some of our more exciting (code word for "super-dorky") moments:

We went to breakfast in our jammies...

We sat in the hot tub in the cold rain...

We got eaten by the piranhas...

We went to a ghost town called Jerome and ate ice cream...

We found a toy store owned by a dude who looked like Pee Wee Herman...

We tried on flower-headbands in a vintage clothing store...

We were total posers in the Mexican restaurant...

Mostly, we had a good ol' time...

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Serving the King said...

Hey I know a few of those faces! :) Looks like such a great time!!! And congrats on the I-600!!!! So fun to be "pregnant" together!

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