I've been nervous about making a mistake on our adoption paperwork from the beginning. Not only do mistakes cost you time, but they usually cost you moo-lah.

Well, I finally got my first mistake over with. It's like getting a good ding on your new car, or accidentally bonking your baby's head on the door jamb (no...I never did that!)...you totally dread it, but then you realize that the world will still turn.

But I couldn't have made a bigger, more time-sucking mistake than to screw up with Immigration. ARGH! I thought I read those I-600a instructions a gozillion times to make sure that I did everything right, because I knew one little teeny-weeny mistake and they reject your application and send it back and you get to start all over again. Apparently I missed the part where it said add $80 per person to your fees for fingerprinting. HOW DID I MISS THAT?!?!?!?

But I did. And I realized it yesterday.

So I called Immigration and actually got a human on the phone (can you believe it...and it was after 5:30 pm!), and in a very monotone voice the lady told me yes, my application would be rejected and sent back to me so that I could send in the proper fee. Really? You can't just take my credit card number over the phone? Really? What year is this?

Then I remembered that I was dealing with a giant government-run department, so I politely asked her how long it would take to get back my loser-rejected application. "Ma'am, it can take up to 30 days." Nice.

Bureaucracy at it's finest, people.

So I will wait. And I will check my mailbox like a crazy person. 3 times a day. The upside is that my postman, Bruce, will start liking me now. I normally check the mail about once a week and he has to cram all my mail in our box until all the catalogs are wrinkly. Well, no more, Bruce! Take that!

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Serving the King said...

Oh Colleen, I'm so sorry!!! Arghhh!!! I think all of this is really so hard so that the actual parenting of the children is a piece of cake!...at least that's what I keep telling myself!! I'll be praying for a speedy turnaround!!!!

Jonathan and Kori Spangler said...

I know excatly how mistakes like that feel. My husband and I are also in the process of adopting inependently from Rwanda. We are currently in the home study process. I found your blog by attempting to get some background information on Mugisha Ministries. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could offer. I have found that there are several of us who seem to be at the same stage in the process. How great it would be to have some travel buddies! I will be praying for your family during this process.


Katacomb said...


I found your blog while trying to find other people who are in the process of adopting from Rwanda. I know what you mean about being so careful about making mistakes. If I worked this hard in college....probably would have had a 4.0! I'm sure it will all happen when it is supposed to (that's my inner chant). But I just wanted to say hi and I'm glad to find others who are about where I am in the process! Good luck and maybe it will come earlier than you think!

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